Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Meeting Point

Please Note:
Even when pre-booking a car (which we always recommend), we request that for all terminals, passengers call us after they have passed passport control, collected their luggage, and are making their way to the Arrivals Hall. Only then will we instruct the driver, who we will have waiting off-site, as close to the terminal building as possible, to make their way to the pick-up point within the Car Park. Due to heightened restrictions at Heathrow, we have to collect customers from inside the Car Parks as we are no longer permitted to load passengers on the terminal forecourts. Please see the details below. We have to add the price of the car park to the cost of the journey (currently £4.80 minimum for the first 30 minutes (as of November 2020). This policy is imposed upon us by force, and we thank our customers for their understanding in this matter.
If you would like to discuss any element of this policy, please email:myeghamcab@gmail.com

Terminal 4 – Please ring on way out (see description above)

Please Note:
Terminal 4 – Pick-Up Point Within Car Park:
As you come into the Arrivals Hall from the customs hall, turn left and exit the building near WH Smiths, walk across the lanes and enter the car park and turn left and follow the sign for Private hire-Mini cab Pick up point. Once you have called us to let us know you have passed passport control, collected your luggage, and are making your way out of the Terminal building. Our driver will meet you at the Taxi & Private Hire Pickup Point in the Car Park on level 1 (ground floor), which is the same level as the Arrivals level.